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الخميس، 21 أغسطس 2008

Marketing US- Gulf strategy

About this time last year the U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates traveled together for a mission to the gulf region, weighty enough for the Bush administration to deploy both of them. The mission was to market a new three-line deployment strategy against Iran .That security system had three levels, Iraq, Arabian Gulf and Red Sea Level.Iraq Level included US forces remaining in Iraq after the withdrawal would redeploy to giant extraterritorial land and air bases located mainly in the central and northern regions. Red Sea Level, Jordan and Israel military strength would form the backbone of this line supplemented by new American bases.What concerned us then, was the Gulf Level strategy. The US would double the armies and air forces size of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman, and augment its military facilities in the Gulf region by expansion or build new bases. . According to Israeli sources American military planners were in the throes of an unprecedented modernization and expansion project for the Arabian Gulf states air, missiles and air defense forces. The backbone was Saudi Arabia and Oman. To take on the Iranian air force in an emergency the Saudi air force will be equipped to be the biggest in the Middle East, armed with the best in avionics, electronic warfare systems and missiles.At the Level 2 also was the conversion of the US air facility "Camp Justice" on the Omani island of Masirah, into the biggest American air base in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East. At the Level 2 also was increment of Marine forces to be deployed permanently in camp ARIFJAN, Kuwait. Things have changed in US-Arabian relations for the last 12 months over hot key issues such as Iran ,Iraq and the Palestinian question , so too has the nature of the Iranian military threat to the Gulf states. In Washington the Israeli lobby was saying how good an ally Gulf States are? They were unhelpful to the US in Iraq, opposed to US policy in dealing with the Iran by force. And opposed to US policy in dealing with the Palestinians, and a Bush promise that Israel's qualitative military edge in the region would be preserved wasn’t good enough if the us sell sophisticated arms to the GCC states . Among other changes was the latest Russian marketing shows after Russian / Georgian conflict where the US. And Israel backed the losing Georgian side. The Russian arm marketing shows include low prices for their weapons, without pre conditions regarding range, weapon systems, or avionics.Last week Iran made a strategic breakthrough toward space, and a successful step to long-range missile delivery capability. And their nuclear program survived another year from the promised attacks. A year ago we bought U.S Gulf strategy with the three powerful components, how good was the deal for GCC?

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Gulf seurity أمن الخليج العربي

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