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الثلاثاء، 4 مارس 2008

Should GCC Welcome UN Resolution 1803 to Curb Iran Nuclear Program?

The following are details of sanctions slapped on Iran by the UN Security Council, including those contained in Resolution 1803 adopted Monday3rd of FEB 2008.

New sanctions in Security Council Resolution 1803 :
-- Outright travel ban on officials involved in Iran's nuclear and missile programs and inspections of shipments to and from Iran if there are suspicions of prohibited goods.
-- A call on "states to exercise vigilance in entering into new commitments for public-provided financial support for trade with Iran, including the granting of export credits, guarantees or insurance to their nationals involved in such trade."
-- A call on states to exercise vigilance over the activities of financial institutions in their territories with all banks domiciled in Iran, in particular Bank Melli and Bank Saderat and their branches and subsidiaries based abroad.
Security Council Resolution 1747 adopted on March 24, 2007:
-- A ban on all Iranian arms exports
-- Voluntary restrictions on sales of arms such as combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles, battle tanks and armored combat vehicles to Iran
-- A voluntary freeze on overseas assets of 13 institutions, including state-owned Bank Sepah, and 15 additional officials and 13 institutions linked to the Islamic Republic's sensitive nuclear and ballistic missile programs, including senior officers of the Elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).
-- Voluntary restrictions on foreign travel of those 15 officials
-- Voluntary restrictions on financial aid or loans to the Iranian government.
Sanctions approved by the Council in Resolution 1737 on December 23, 2006:
-- A ban on trade with Iran of all items, materials, equipment, goods and technology which could contribute to Tehran's uranium enrichment program
-- Voluntary restrictions on foreign travel of 12 officials linked to Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs
-- Voluntary freeze on overseas assets of those 12 officials and 10 institutions directly linked with or providing support for Iran's nuclear and ballistic missiles activities.

Iran's pursuit of long-range missiles and its nuclear weapons program are serious threats to our stability. We also think that the Iranian's population’s economic and social rights well be seriously infringed by the impact of the sanction. In an authoritarian state which continued to hold most of the levers of control, much of the burden caused by the sanction well fell on the civilian population.
Iraq was under UN Sanctions, between 1991 - 2003, the Saddam Hussein regime played the cat and mouse game with the UN. Attacking Kuwait was his only relief from the heat of UN Sanctions.
The Iranian well do the same ,back in August 23, 2007 we wrote that Iran well expand the conflict zone, and push the GCC states to the American camp, then to take them as hostages and "states shields" as the best card in It's hand.

At the Arabian Gulf we think that the measures adopted on march 3rd can only be as good as the willingness of the international community to implement them.

And from previous experience we don’t think that the Iranian well face a solid front from the international community.
We well lose Iran and lose nations going for their best interest by taking UN Resolution 1803 as a Voluntary measures against Iran .

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