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الثلاثاء، 22 سبتمبر 2015

A Drop of Gulf Olive Oil for Al-Aqsa Mosque

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

It is known that politicians utilize the state of chaos spreading to take advantage of it in time. last November , I wrote about the division of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque , and how the Chairman of interior committee in the Knesset proposed a division plan on three axes : spatial division, temporal division, and age division , and here they apply it to reap a state of chaos , so why ? .
The Palestinian current response was through protecting Al-Aqsa Mosque by bodies. Several Palestinian bodies succeeded in conducting convoys of  stationed men and women to protect Al-Aqsa Mosque , but those activists are in need for Islamic support to enhance their steadfastness to foil the division plan , and if the wars and poverty prevent some States from extending  support  , however that excuse is unacceptable with respect to Gulf States . But it is fair to say that the Gulf organizations are currently maintain the stationed activists with a salary of $600 to secure livelihood for their families to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque , so does it enough ! In negotiations rounds of thorny issues, we often see a negotiator walking out angrily and imbalanced after being provoked deliberately, and then lose everything. 
Do Palestinians need to express intense anger? In case Zionists arrogance continues, many observers expect that violations would lead to a third uprising (Intifada) not only around Al-Aqsa Mosque, but somewhere else as Zionists want so as to break another Palestinian rib. What worries us is that temporal, spatial, and age division had been developed according to a well considered plans prepared in advance. The current Zionist provocation may be done deliberately! Negotiation experts have put a rule to determine the times of anger cases, that "every negotiator to get anger only in his turn", every negotiator has the right to anger once, and if got angered he should take into consideration whether the other party used his turn of anger or not, and does it his turn to anger once again or not!! Condemnation Statements will not support the stationed activists, but they should be supported by Gulf money so that stationing continues even with a drop of olive oil. 
In the Hadith that Maimouna the bondmaid of   Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) said (O Prophet of God give us advisory opinion on Al-Aqsa Mosque) He said: (It is the land of resurrection, go to it and pray in it, the prayer reward in it equal thousand prayers in other mosques) She said to him: if one does not stand going to it? He said to her (Let him offer to it oil for the lamps, whoever offered a gift to it as if he were prayed in it)

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