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الأربعاء، 19 أغسطس 2015

Hammurabi, Al-Maliki, Gulf, and among them the Iraqi corruption

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

One of the tragedies of our brothers in Iraq is that written history has recorded that the Iraqi officials had exercised corruption earlier in the past preceding the human beings, not for any reason but because writing was an Iraqi invention. Then the same history books righted them by recording their antecedence in combating corruption rigorously on the basis of Hammurabi code. And in the same context, the western media did not void of signs accusing Gulf countries of managing its international relations through policy of "Petro-dollar" and "Diplomacy of Dinar, Rial and Dirham" and "Samosonite bags negotiations" . Does Gulf – intentionally or unintentionally responsible for corruption in brotherly Iraq?  
Musa Faraj , former Chief of Iraq's integrity corporation says that leaders of corruption in the reign of Al-Maliki's government were senior officials and politicians , and corruption caused one –third of Iraq to fall on the hand of IS , and power outage as well as widespread of poverty in a country possesses the fifth largest oil reserve in the world . We believe that Gulf relaxation with the government's corruption in Iraq under the slogans of Arabic brotherhood – which was meaningless in the presence of Qassim Sulaimani's prints in all the joints of Bahdad – was encouraging to the lawmakers and Al-Maliki's crew to practice their deeds away of good governance , in the summer of 2008 the UAE announced the cancellation of Iraq's debt which was $7 billion , and in the first day of the Arabic Summit in Baghdad March 2012 , Iraq requested debt dropping during the pre-invasion period , and that was the second time Iraq demands debt dropping following the cancellation of %80 of Iraq's debt by Paris Club in 2004 . Because Iraq doesn’t pay debts , its debt owed to Saudi Arabia reached $42 billon because of accrued interest  , previously  was $ 19 billion .  
Kuwait finally agreed to postpone payment of $4.6 billion of invasion compensation until 2017 . It was remarkable that the postpone coincided with a swift response by Kuwait to a strange request made by Iraq to get assistants of a shipment of "light arms". In this point one wonders about the need of Iraqi government for light arms –which will not repulse IS – as long as the money we gave away was spent to protect the figures of the regime and the lawmakers. Only in cases of fear of the consequences of corruption , old stories remain valid for publication at any time . Things has remained unchanged when the messenger of King Kisra arrived in Al-Madina to meet with our master Omer Ibn Al-Khattab – May God be pleased with him – and asked "Where is your Caliph's palace" ? the companions laughed and said "you might find Omer at the palms of the city" ! and there he found a man dipping in a deep sleep on the ground in patched dress and unguarded , using one hand as a pillow, and the other hand on his eyes to protect them from the glare of the sun , then Kisra's messenger leapt from "Omer's age" to "Hammurabi's age" , then to "Al-Maliki's age" where the cost of guarding officials in Iraq exceeds $6 billion annually , and after blending his thoughts with conscience in his choice of expressing  words , he said " Oh Omer , you were fair , so you slept in peace" .

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