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الأربعاء، 26 أغسطس 2015

American Pilot Launches Raid without Plane

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

The military might has appeared clearly restricted by misery of political will earlier this month when Washington carried out the first raid launched by American plane without pilot from Incirlik air base in Turkey against targets of terrorists in Syria. This is not only an escape from commitment to launch a genuine air campaign ,but it was new roundness  by the US administration that was supposed to put the enemy between the (jaws) of the pincers ,the other jaw to be the air campaign launched from Jordan , Iraq ,and the Gulf countries . In our estimation, what has done is an authentic stance, and a return to Obama's Doctrine, but what is Obama Doctrine? In order to maintain its interests, Washington used to demonstrate the doctrines of the American presidents publicly and widely, according to Eisenhower's doctrine 1957; US troops were ready to protect any country under threat of world communism. According to Nixon's doctrine 1969, US would provide protection to the allied States by military support. 
Carter's doctrine 1980 linking the security of the important regions to US national security. Then came Ronald Reagan in 1985 to say we don’t have to transmigrate the garments of innocence amid sinning world and we will support our allies, and then followed by Clinton's doctrine which essentially aimed at overruling the world. Then came the doctrine of George W. Bush "Proactive preventive strikes against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction ".  Doctrines of US presidents enjoined the move of US to contain the enemy wherever it is, however, Obama's doctrine didn’t appear as a new presidential trend in the foreign policy , as it was confusing fluctuation. US president tries to enter history at less cost with doctrine of political fluctuations; in time the US politics is not fit to accept to deal with Cuba and Iran, or accepting the adoption of political solution to Syrian crisis, or the blessing of the Houthis movements to spite Al-Qaeda in Yemen. 
On the other hand , the raids by US planes without pilot confines Obama's doctrine in its military part, Obama said that he "will let out US from all fields of wars", but he only  let out the American noble knight, graduate of weapons school and aviation trainers "TOPGUN", replacing him with a cool feelings technician from Lockheed and Boeing companies hiding in war games shop in Pennsylvania staring at the show screens, then press a button killing victims by immoral exercise as was described by many western levels. The doctrines of previous US presidents were offensive or pre-emptive, but Obama's cannot be described even as defensive, but fluctuating and irrational, despite casing it a mobilization dress, so we don’t exclude due to his method of avoiding war, that Obama himself draw a sword to fight windmills, or to hear about a raid by American pilot without a plane !!

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