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الأربعاء، 3 يونيو 2015

Gulf Countries and the Changes of Saudi Prospect

 Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi
In May 25th 2015, the airstrikes of Arab coalition targeted the house of Ahmed Ali Saleh. This day is distinguished because it marks the 34th anniversary of the establishment of  The  Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC) on May 25th 1981, since  then the Council have made important strides in the political, military, and economic aspects. Gulf countries shared Riyadh the Decisive Storm and then Restoring Hope operations. Gulf people paid attention, with unprecedented interest, through social media to the changes in Riyadh following the death of King Abdalla, and crowning of King Selman, accompanied with new political, military, and economic administrative  team . No doubt that there are two changes in the Saudi prospect, war and shuffle that go beyond traditionalism.  So, how do Gulf countries read the changes in the Saudi prospect in this critical stage, on the basis of "No neutrality in shoving troubles"

Pioneer of realism trend in International relations  Hans J Morgenthau emphasizes the role of power in the international relations as an utterance of national interest, international politics aims to maintain power , and to increase power, or to show power, and because search for power is the result of strong longing for security in the world order . Gulf people have welcomed the firm stance of the older sister country against the tyranny of the Hothi in Yemen, and arrived a conviction that the Gulf countries could take their own doses of hopes and relying on good faith as a defense line in condition that they wake up , they woke up and covered themselves with boldness that knitted at the borders of Yemen . There were several Gulf frank stances against the Hothis and Iran policies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The dare Decisive Storm urged the Gulf people to accept the upgrade of the Arab cohesion to trespass the Arab League statements, and the engagement of Sudan and Jordan within a realistic security system. Moreover the Storm has dissolved the differences and made the areas of agreement excel the areas of disagreement, and that in our own view is greater than war gain. 
The French writer and philosopher Raymond Aaron that the international relations are managed by only two persons "Diplomat and Soldier" and we agree with Raymond, as we also agree that the State does take decisions , but we believe that individuals acting within the political system are engaged in decision making process .Regarding the recent reshuffle  in Riyadh , Gulf states are concerned with the actions of the diplomat and the soldier being the most important channels of communication in the AGCC as a regional organization .The position of the soldier is occupied by two men Prince Mohamed Bin Naif the Interior Minister, and Prince Mohamed Bin Selman Defense Minister, while the position of diplomat is occupied by Ambassador Adil Bin Ahmed Al-Jubair . The incidents in Yemen, Qatif, and Dammam showed that the soldier has ability to create security and strategic  atmospheres  which are commendable . During preparations for Camp David 2015,  Al-Jubair proved that Riyadh can deal with Washington in less tolerant mood than ever. 

Very Clearly

Gulf countries blessed and shared Riyadh the effectuation of the principles of the realistic trend which asserts the role of power in the international relations. Despite unprecedented momentum of the events and success of Ministers of Interior, Defense, and Foreign affairs in Riyadh, but we can say after 34 years of Gulf cooperation that the diplomat in Riyadh is to come out with a viable project for Gulf unity . Whereas the security soldier has to uproot terrorism without expanding the principle of pragmatism through the Gulf Security Agreement , when military draws the features of the cities by checkpoints and travel ban lists between Gulf countries , the harsh face of security appears , security cannot be seen but only felt . Gulf people believe that defense soldier should exceed the terms of the joint Gulf Defense agreement, or considering the unification of military education as an achievement, but should act to build structures of unified army even if in six countries. The Gulf countries consider Saudi Arabia as a strategic depth, making Gulf States advanced front lines in the collective security system of the Gulf, the leadership of Gulf is in Saudi Arabia, and that requires all parties to sacrifice for the sake of defending the region.

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