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الثلاثاء، 1 يوليو 2008

Two Generals Working for Seven Sisters

The Iranians are trying to make their crises with the West an energy issue not a nuclear threat. Now with threats to blockade The Strait of Hormuz it is certainly an energy issue.
On Saturday June 28th, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander General Mohammed Ali Jafari said: "Any country coming under attack will use all of its capacity and opportunities to confront the enemy.” “Given the main route for energy to exit the region, one of Iran's steps will definitely be to exercise control on the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz." Oil prices climbed to $142 a barrel amid concerns about Jafari’s statement.
Jafari’s statement was meant to hurt the US economy; on the other hand he was acting as the spokesman of the “Seven Sisters.” (The $142 a barrel will go to the oil companies’ pockets.) When we say the “Seven Sisters” we refer to the seven oil companies who dominated 20th century oil production, refining, and distribution and the world petroleum market. The Seven Sisters are Exxon, (Esso) Shell, BP, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Socal (Chevron).
On Monday July 1, 2008, Fifth Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Kevin Cosgriff said: “The Iranians are not going to be allowed to do so. It would be an act of war.” “In a tight oil market, the international community would respond vigorously to that.” He was responding to Jafari’s statement regarding the blockade of the Strait of Hormuz. Admiral Cosgriff did that to calm down the disturbed oil markets for the sake of the “Seven Sisters” for they will be the first losers in case there is a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz. .
Knowing that, sixty percent of the world’s oil supplies come from the GCC States and pass through the narrow stretch, between the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Cosgriff went further to guarantee Iran's security not from an American attack but also from an Israeli air raid.
At the GCC states it is safer and more interesting to hear the “War of Words” between two Generals on behalf of the “Seven Sisters” instead of the act of real war.

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