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الأربعاء، 7 مايو 2008

Arab-Afghans made in Afghanistan GCC Radicals made in Guantanamo

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, Abdullah Azzam used the jihad to recruit and train Arab guerilla fighters. He used Salman al-Farisi training camp bordering the Kunar province of Afghanistan to train Arab recruits in 1985, a mixed group of Algerians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Saudis, and Yemenis became the Arab-Afghans .
They were Mujahideen supported by their own governments; the money came from GCC States and Raytheon Missile Systems. FIM-92 Stinger with training came from CIA agents. They were popular and famous, even president Ronald Reagan sent them RAMBO to join them in one of his movies to fight the Soviets, and after they defeated the Russian Bear in 1988 Arab-Afghans had to go home .
To vent their frustrations for being out of the a social security net and the political system, the Arab-Afghans noble idea backfired when they tried to bring their ideology to power in their own countries and that put them face to face with their own democratic governments. To crush them the governments used extraordinary hard measures. That movement of terror left a scar on many Arab countries.

After 9/11 many Arabs in Afghanistan were captured by the U.S.forces, and for a monetary reward some were sold to the coalition forces by Afghan bounty hunters.
The majority of those captured were working with Arab-run charity organizations, or part of Muslim religious groups helping the Afghani people. They were not militant, they came from upper or middle class families in the Arabian Gulf region and had no fighting skills what so ever, they knew much more about preaching and giving food than armed combat.
They finally ended up as suspected militant combatants at Camp X-Ray at the humility of the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay.
Without qualifying for POW status, Taliban soldier, innocent or guilty Abdullah Alajmi was tortured and was subjected to religious abuse at Guantanamo for 4 years, his misfortune of being in Afghanistan at that time was his only mistake. At an interview with a Kuwaiti news paper in April 2007 he said that what happened to him by the Americans was unjust. He said “I was mistreated and "I well discuses that with them"
Reuters reported last week that someone released from Guantanamo has died in a suicide attack in Iraq. Abdullah Saleh, a Kuwaiti national, reportedly killed himself in an attack in Mosul. He had been held in Guantanamo until his 2005 release and repatriation. He did discuses the injustice with the only way he knew.
Abdullah was innocent when arrested but became radicalized as a result of the injustice, and Camp X-Ray still houses many innocent people.
If Afghanistan was the nest of the militant Arab-Afghans, then Guantanamo is the nest for the militants from GCC states. Guantanamo birds will be worse off than the Arab-Afghans because with all the money they have, all they need is a short flight to Damascus to reach the Americans in Iraq to discuses the injustice they faced at Guantanamo.

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