Gulf security أمن الخليج العربي

السبت، 5 أبريل 2008

Stick your fingers in your ears ; Look for mushroom-shaped smoke from the east.

Yes ,that’s what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said to Japan's Kyodo News when asked about possible incentives carrying conditions that Iran suspend its enrichment activities. "Iran is a nuclear country and has no reason to give up the technology. If there are to be any preconditions, we must propose preconditions," he said.
What concerned us at the GCC states were the words"
Iran is a nuclear country" add to it the news that Diplomats in Vienna told The Associated Press last Thursday that Iran has assembled hundreds of advanced machines reflecting a possible intention to speed up uranium enrichment, One diplomat said more than 300 of the centrifuges have been linked up in two separate units in Iran's underground enrichment plant and a third was being assembled. He said the machines apparently are more advanced than the thousands already running underground The location is significant, since the aboveground site at Natanz is for experimental work and the underground facility is the working enrichment plant.
Do we Take cover by our own means , pulled into Iran's orbit ,or shout to be covered by the US nuclear umbrella, or President Jacques Chirac of France when he declaration in January 19, 2006, that access to strategically important resources to be a vital interest covered by the French nuclear umbrella?
We don’t have cover to take , because GCC states well never achieve nuclear balance with Iran, we also see no serious sign from the US, France or any other power countering Iran to keep us single or together from being pulled into Iran's orbit. and finally all we see is a series of computers military war games called command centers exercises executed by one side, where the French, British or Americans send 7 aircrafts 2 ships with long hours of parties at desert tents watching 5 tanks making desert storms ,while our soldiers firing old western ammunitions before they expired .
Next exercises we well be with our allies on top of a hill wearing the same desert uniform with digital camouflaged watching mushroom-shaped smoke from the east,repeating Ahmadinejad words
Iran now is a nuclear country .

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