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الاثنين، 31 مارس 2008

Col. Gaddafi to GCC leaders: %80 of you and your people are Iranians.

From March 29-30, 2008 Arab leaders finished a two-day Arab Summit in Damascus, Syria. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt which blame Syria for the political crisis crippling Lebanon sent a low-level delegation to the summit. Some observers predicted a low turnout but they were wrong!
The Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi undiplomatic railing at the disarray of Arab nations has become almost a tradition at the annual gathering and he did the same thing this summit.
He made remarkable comments against Arab leaders from the Gulf cooperation council states this time, he addressed the leaders by saying that %80 of them and their people are from Iranian roots. He said: How can you accept that a foreign power comes to force you to fight your Iranian neighbors, he demanded that the UAE/ Iran dispute over the three islands of Greater and Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa be referred to the International Court of Justice .
Some GCC leaders looked stunned from the insults of being deprived from their Arabism, while others broke into laughter from the man who never fails to entertain them.
What are the roots of the Libyan leader claims?
The truth about our roots as Arabs or Persians is something very deferent from Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi comments, people of the Arabian Gulf are considered by many to be the pure Arabs because they came from the Bedouin tribes of Najed province, the center of the Arabian peninsula.
It is saver to say that a large percentage of the Iranian leaders and their people came from Arabian roots, most of the coastal regions of southern Iran are inhabited by Arabs, they are the majority in Khuzestan , Hormozgan, Bushehr and the tribes of Sheybani are in Khorasan also Khamseh nomads live in eastern Fars Province .
If the Libyan leader meant the expatriate labors from Iran then he made two mistakes instead of one , the majority of expatriate labors in the Arabian gulf are from the Arab world, India , Pakistan Philippines and Seri Lanka . Iran is a short voyage by sea from UAE, QATAR, and BAHRAIN, to Iran those countries are transit point and nothing more than that, and Iranian labors are less than %5 in the gulf and have no influence.

If we are Iranians by roots as Gadhafi said, then we made a strategic mistake during the 80s when we took side with Saddam Hussein against Iran but we did the right thing when we said (NO Go) to president Bush when he asked for support to attack our kin in Iran .

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