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الأربعاء، 12 ديسمبر 2007

CIA report: we are not attacking Iran for WMD only

Two weeks ago I felt an immediate relief when I read the CIA report declaring that they found no conclusive evidence, as yet, of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program running parallel to the civilian operations that Iran has declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Good things don’t last long because I didn’t see Ahmadinejad's government using this in their propaganda machine like they did previously. So what did the Iranian government see in that report?
They saw a message; they saw that the U.S government used this controlled leak of information to give a warning to Ahmadinejad.

"The US-led invasion of Iraq was based on a false CIA report regarding Saddam's WMD program, we know that you don’t have a nuclear weapons program, and we are not going to attack you for that only but for your interventions in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and the hegemony in the Arabian Gulf; so far you have failed to respond to our warnings, we’ve roll out the myth of WMD, now stop acting as a rogue State."

To handle dangerous countries or Axis of Evil states by direct and unilateral action was both possible and justified in the Bush Doctrine and Mr. Bush is practicing that for the last time.

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