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الأحد، 9 ديسمبر 2007

The 4th Manama Dialogue Forum :Do we have to blame Iran?

Iran has been a regular participant at the Manama Dialogue forum"7 - 9 December2007 in Bahrain", But not this year. Iranians saw the Forum as another American propaganda chapter so they simply didn't show up .Add to that the countries invited to the forum by the the British International Institute of Strategic Studies were: Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UAE and Yemen – with the key external powers – Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, but had never invited Iran's Arab ally, Syria, the major player in Middle East politics. Furthermore, by this forum IISS urged the international community to continue pressuring Iran to stop its nuclear weapons activities and to abandon the program altogether.
The US Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates had called on GCC states to establish an air missile defense umbrella to combat Iranian missiles,and for this Iran considered the forum as interference in the region's internal affairs.
A week ago Iranian President Ahmadinejad has told Gulf Arab leaders that Iran wants economic and security pacts with the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).the Gulf Arab leaders didn’t welcome his invitation and instead they welcomed Cates's air missile defense umbrella, the first Iranian war of words came from Shariatmadari editor of Iran's influential Kayhan daily laying territorial claims to Bahrain ,again for the second time in less than a year.
The Manama Dialogue was Initially called the Gulf Dialogue, the forum was last year renamed the Manama Dialogue by the IISS in order "to incorporate the name of the capital of Bahrain into the Dialogue title in recognition of the continued support of Bahrain to this security summit, unfortunately this recognition caused the renewal of old claim of sovereignty over Bahrain.

why do we have to get new American missiles?
why do they have to set them up at the GCC backyard to defend Israel?
Why did we allow the IISS to ignore Syria?
Why did we reject the Iranian defense proposal instead of considering it ?

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