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الاثنين، 19 نوفمبر 2007

Powell: No U.S Confrontation with Iran

KUWAIT,Nov 18 ,2007,Former US Secretary of State General Colin Powell (Ret.) said ((No U.S Confrontation with Iran)) he said while addressing a symposium entitled "Opportunity and Crisis in the Middle East" organized by the National Bank of Kuwait" the fact is that nuclear facilities in Iran were "no easy target to go after" because it was not known for sure where they were located, nor their number. Powell also said that the US "has its hands pretty full" with Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the fact that there was no support by the American people for going into yet another military conflict. Moreover, the retired general said that should the US opt to take military action against Iran, it would have to "do it alone" and that the move would be one that the international community would "condemn universally." He added that one other reason was that it would be something "the Iranians will use against us," because the US would be attacking Muslim land. Powell hoped, as everyone else, that Iran would not pursue its enrichment program, but expressed his opinion that "Iran is far from having any nuclear weapon." The former state secretary called on everyone to "be patient because there are forces working inside Iran that could bring about change," referring to Iranian youth who could no longer be isolated in this age of technology and "know that there is a different and better world out there. Powell said that if security in Iraq prevailed, Iran's nuclear ambition was frozen, and the Palestinian issue moved forward, this would "bring relief to the region and the rest of the world, and the whole region will blossom." He said, "I think that right now, the GCC is a great oasis that has shown the rest of the world that people can live in peace and have political and economic alliances with people far away.
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Gulf seurity أمن الخليج العربي

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