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الخميس، 15 نوفمبر 2007

Kuwait : part of a defensive security system or a buffer zone to GCC

On October 11, 2007 secretary General of the GCC Abdul Rahman Al-Atiyah emphasized that Kuwait's security is part of the GCC's security and the GCC will not accept any threat towards Kuwait. He was referring to the threats made by two members of the Iranian Shura council and that all GCC countries stand by Kuwait. Al-Atiyah said that Kuwait is a red line which should not be crossed.
Kuwait was a red line on the Eve of august 1st 1990 but Saddam's republican guard ignored the red line , And like Saddam the Iranian seems to have color blindness when It comes to GCC colored warnings ,On Nov 11, 2007 ALWATAN daily reported an Iranian espionage on Kuwait by fishing boats, and 3 days later Four Iranians caught smuggling Kuwaiti military fatigues to Tehran.
Gulf Arab defence ministers met in Saudi Arabia the same week to discuss joint defence against emerging Iranian threats. And to avoid irritating giant neighbor they referred to it as emerging regional powers.

We believe that Kuwait took the right action when announced that it was drawing up a comprehensive security plan as regional tensions escalate, and at the same time we rise the question wither the GCC countries conceder Kuwait as a defensive line, a buffer zone, the killing zone for the advancing raiders of the Arabian peninsula or they look at Kuwait as part of a defensive security system to GCC and to protect Kuwait itself ?

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Gulf seurity أمن الخليج العربي

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