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الأربعاء، 26 سبتمبر 2007

GCC nuclear ambitions

For peaceful purposes!!

I don’t believe that people of the Arabian Gulf actually realized that our leaders bought us a ticket to the nuclear club a year ago. At the end of the 27th GCC Summit December 2006 they ordered a study by the members to set up a program to acquire a joint peaceful nuclear technology and of course according to international standards and systems said GCC Secretary General Abdul Rahman Alatiah, a year later the GCC Secretary General Told the Kuwaiti
Aljarida Newspaper on 23/09/2007 that GCC States Nuclear program well start in two months.
To justify nuclear ambitions Prince Saud alFaisal said: We want no bombs... Our policy is to have a region free of weapons of mass destruction; he added it is not a threat, It is an announcement so that there will be no misinterpretation of what we are doing.

Energy race or arms race

In light of current Iranian nuclear"problem" The true intentions behind GCC states nuclear program are one of two things: since oil will not last forever and In light of increasing power demands for desalination plants, new cities and increase of population nuclear energy is becoming a necessity to GCC States.
The dark side of our intentions regarding nuclear ambitions well grow from Iran's previous bad intentions . It came in forms of security challenges that included in the last 30 years posing a direct threat to the southern gulf countries like the case of mid gulf islands, and endangering security to the northern gulf countries like the case of Kuwait during Iraq -Iran war.
Pursuing nuclear technology for energy needs when you have the world's biggest proven reserves of oil is a hard thing to understand; to counter Iran’s growing political hegemony in the region is easier to understand.

on the heels of one another

GCC states took best action to serve their interests , but it create mistrust in its relations with several countries, including the Iranians who failed to demolish the charge that the country is on its way to building a nuclear bomb. The Americans doubts were raised by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in December on the motives for plan in a region rich in oil and gas.
Other mistrust came in forms of declarations from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan for developing a nuclear technology programs for peaceful applications conforming to international regulations. Trying to tell them to give it up ;U.N. atomic watchdog ElBaradei said :GCC states may need 10 years or 15 years or more to train experts and carry out studies before they can develop nuclear energy

Dose the good or bad intentions of GCC states make it easy to dry out sources of instability in the region?

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