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الأربعاء، 21 أكتوبر 2015

Iron Dom and Gulf Air Superiority

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

By virtue of intellectual arsenal full of rumors and extortion , some wrote devious analysis on Gulf countries approaching entry into the protection of Zionist Iron Dome , the defect of the analytical framework which has been adopted by those analysts illustrates in their ignorance about the basics of air defense , Gulf States are about to establish "Gulf missile shield" aims to intercept ballistic missiles , and its prop would be the "Patriot", and "Thad" systems already outspread in the Gulf deserts years ago . But iron dome designed to intercept the short-range missiles of Gaza's militants, so what can we do with it possessing air superiority on the surrounding of Gulf and Arabic Peninsula? And where is the real threat to this superiority? And how do we pass it? The tables of the military power balance show the superiority of Gulf countries on Iran in various air arms. 
To fill this gap, Teheran bet on acquiring ballistic missiles to penetrate enemy airspace and carry warheads with conventional weapons and mass destruction weapons to enemy territory, becoming the fourth most powerful countries to acquire missiles in the world after US, Russia, and China. That concerning offense , but as to defense , Teheran massed air defense systems of the remnants of the American Hawk and Chinese , Korean , and Russian missiles . Due to the fact that the defensive dimension in Iran's military doctrine based on blocking the proceed of the enemy then exhausts him, its air defense was hardly fills the gap, because the supposed enemy was the aircraft carrier Ronal Regan, or Zionist air force, so it requested the Russian missile system "S300" which was stopped by west until exceeded ban after the nuclear deal. Moscow will soon provide Teheran with four battalions of this system which is capable to deterring aircrafts and Cruise missiles, as well as ballistic missiles within 5 minutes, and capable to track a hundred targets, and engagements with 12 targets in the same time by missiles not need maintenance for ever. What worries us is that "S300" is in Iran's hand, and that will help to tear out the first stone from the dam of the superiority of the Gulf air defense by which we were balancing Teheran's land and troop's superiority. Our airspace will be opened to its ballistic missiles, and that also means the possibility of smuggling these missiles to hide it in Yemen's mountains, and in Syria's bushes. Missiles are divided into two types, "Ballistic", and "Cruise", the ballistic dashes into the space, then after the explosive head separate from the driving rocket, returns back as a hammer coming from hell in swift speed cannot be intercepted. But Cruise missiles by contrast to ballistic , flying low at a lower speed , but maneuvering and hiding behind the elevations up and down until reaching the target then pop up and swoop down to destroy it .               
Here we remember that the package of American assurances to us included establishment of a Gulf missile shield anti ballistic and cruise, so does it include the American new missiles system "SM-6"? Because it is the only balancing system to "S300" system possessed by Teheran , especially that the American system succeeded in bypassing tests of 28 July 2015 carried out by US Navy and "Raytheon" maker of the interceptive  missile "MIM-23 Hawk" outspread in Gulf deserts since the 1970s . SM-6 uses capabilities of aircrafts missiles air- to - air , and capabilities of anti air defense ground -to -air which make it fit to intercept everything flies lower or higher , and its value is lower than "Patriot" .  Moscow has announced the supply of "S300" missiles to Iran, so John Kerry announced worry because it undermine the security of the Gulf, and between the "Supply" and "worry" it will remove our superiority, so can we make "SM-6" missile system the prop of the Gulf missile shield, thus the Zionist iron dome which are trying to stick it on us , its story is equal to the domes over their shoulders , the dome eventually is hollow half a ball .

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