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الأربعاء، 7 أكتوبر 2015

Diplomatic Decisive Storm and Breaking off Relations with Teheran

 Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

We defy the rational analysis of policies which settles that Teheran's external practices didn’t involve it in disputes with the neighboring countries, converting Gulf to a region of tension and disorder. Although the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) did not deny Iran's right to assume a regional position, however that was considered by Teheran as a hesitant stance by the GCC. Perhaps it is appropriate now to take the initiative, act , and influence in regional politics in order to appear us are able to take severe diplomatic options , either by reducing diplomatic relations , or stopping it , or through adopting the Bahraini courageous  approach to launch diplomatic decisive storm and recalling its ambassador to Teheran , and giving the Iranian charge d'affaires 72 hours to leave the country . The severance of diplomatic relations is one of coercive measures in international relations, and could be as a "barometer" for the difficulties facing the States in its relations with one another. For Iran, we believe that it could be isolated with methodological flexibility as follows:
- Severance of GCC diplomatic relations with Iran must be done in acute manner , and the ambassador should be expelled for his blatant  interfere in the internal affairs of Gulf countries , or for  being encouraging coup or disorder , which is a justification always available as in the case of Bahrain , or for espionage acts and weapons smuggling as in Kuwait case . 
- Severance of relations must be a collective measure, adopted by the GCC, accompanied by support from the bloc of Arab League, then allied and friendly countries.
- Although the severance of diplomatic relations does not lead to the cancellation of concluded treaties and agreements, or stopping the normal trade and cultural relations, but GCC should cut off relations with Teheran and threaten to review all treaties and agreements concluded with Iran.
- Severance of relations between the States in many cases serves formal goals not content , So we believe that Gulf States should show the utmost respect for the rights of Iranian citizens according to the international law and practiced norms . The purpose of the measures is to make Iran think that expulsion of its representative and termination of relations is an insult the regime is responsible for it before its people and the international community.
- GCC is also need to highlight the ugly face of the Iranian regime, and it is enough to show how Teheran forced Gulf to enter into the grey areas of Geography and History, and it is time now for diplomatic decisive storm, and we should follow Manama example which not only carried out what is in the GCC mind, but what is in the mind of the entire Arab world.

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