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الأحد، 6 سبتمبر 2015

Selman and Decision in Washington

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

Every reader versed in US history knows that John Foster Dallas, Secretary of State in the Eisenhower's reign, was foreign policy maker. Eisenhower lived his glory of the World War II, and became President in honor of his military deeds, he used to play Golf most of the time, and from time to time telephone calls come to him, he leaves the golf yard and wipe his sweat and the people around him saluting him, he holds the telephone handset saying: (OK), or switch off the telephone without answering, switching off the telephone was a sign of refusal. Once Dallas called him, and Eisenhower answered saying (OK  ... go ahead)! . The creative writer Anis Mansour completed the story in his book named "Papers of Sadat" saying; Dallas said to Eisenhower "Egypt is insolvent state and unable to fund the High Dam, so we don’t have to share in this project". Eisenhower's answer was "OK..Go ahead" end a passing call led to change the features of the entire Middle East! US refused to supply weapons to Egypt, and refused to build the High Dam, and announced in a statement that Egypt is insolvent state. This stance by Eisenhower, recommended by Dallas made Jamal Abdel Naser to go East ward, to the eastern bloc and he built the High Dam , nationalized the Canal , and establishing political and military relations spoiled the US and western mood in the middle east throughout half a century . 
On September 4th 2015, the custodian of the two holly mosques King Selman will travel to Washington to meet with Obama who doesn’t unlike Eisenhower, in my estimation, Obama lives on his glories that he is the first in everything, he is the first black in the White House, leading him to be the first to resume relations with Iran, and the first to resume relations with Cuba even before the channels of change in Washington was able to accommodate the step. 
I bet that Secretary of State John Kerry is John Foster Dallas in Obama's eye , and that makes us in no doubt that "Decision" which was title of the reign of King Selman at all levels will be present with him in Washington to stop Dallas the new . Many analysts have put what's going in Yemen and Syria on the top of the meeting agendas, but we believe that Obama's assurances to his allies in the Gulf at Camp David and then Kerry's promises exactly a month ago in Doha are what will be discussed decisively. Integration of regional defense systems against the ballistic missiles the so-called Gulf Missile Shield, must include the new American missile system "SM-6", because it is the only system balancing Iran's missiles "S300" which will remove the Gulf air superiority over Iran, as that "SM-6" can intercept everything flies higher or lower instead of Patriot. 
One of the promises was the increase of joint maneuvers, are currently appropriate to be carried out in the waters of Durra Field. Regarding promises to speed up arms sales , no solution for that but to upgrade US-Gulf relations to level of  "Major non-NATO ally" as the case of Israel which means having the right of taking arms, ammunition , and spare parts directly from US forces armories instead of waiting for orders of manufacturing and export from the companies . Whoever served in the armed forces in the Gulf States knows the complexities of the miserable sales system "FMS" of which we suffered much since the 1970s which was done by Zionistic suggestions , however that blocking the sale of the "F-35" fighter to the Gulf and delivering it to Israel went beyond the privileged ally , what Gulf States possess of US interests qualifies them for a joint defense treaty , maybe not with Washington , but with Congress after entering through the gate of democracy values .

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