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الأربعاء، 30 سبتمبر 2015

Russian Aircrafts to Establish "Alawite-Stan"

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

Change is the only constant thing in the Syrian prospect , and the latest variables was the involvement of the Russian weapons alongside of Bashar Al-Assad with the arrival of 28 fighter aircrafts with technical crew . It is the first apparent intervention by Russia, preceded by hidden intervention in 2013. When Assad was demilitarized of his Chemical arsenal – it was served as a strategic deterrent weapon against Zionists - the alternate was to put Syria under Moscow's nuclear umbrella, which makes it easy for the Russian fingers to dive deeply and closely in the Syrian issue. Within the few past months, Alawite President Bashar Al-Assad was no longer dominates other than one fifth of Syria. So the recent intervention came within its normal context, and if it was done earlier , that would have stopped casualties were required for the major objective which was to reduce the population who oppose the Tyrant . whereas the delay means exhausting the State and the army  of Assad of achieving that goal which is the establishment of Alawite State at the Mediterranean with Russian military bases to protect it from the threats of ancient Syria remaining out of human misery and military brutality . To prove that the current Russian intervention aims to make changes in order to establish the State of Alawites "Alawites-Stan", a number of notes must be reviewed confined in the weapons sent to Syria recently. 

The first note:

The type of the recent weapon cannot in any case be for fighting IS , for logical reason that western coalition which has been waging a long air campaign against the same enemy by most neoteric types of aircrafts of fourth and fifth generation with qualified pilots overtop Syrians and Russians ,has failed to achieves its goals , so how will Russian's air campaign succeeds! 

The second note:

The recent lot of Russian weapons includes 4 Sukhoi SU30 aircrafts and 12 offensive Sukhoi SU24 and 12 Sukhoi fighters M24. As well known SU24 and SU25 aircrafts are from the old generation of the 1960s its firing is not accurate, and did not modernized, moreover SU25 designed for air support, and SU30 mission is air defense, meaning that the next round of confrontation Assad intends to wage backed with these aircrafts is orderly retreat action towards the fortified entity of Alawite-Stan being prepared through the rehabilitation of the Russian military bases in Tartus and Latakia.

The third note:

Retreat action theory can be proved by western satellite images show a K-29 helicopters for transport and air support could carry troops and supplies which is useful in quick withdrawal, besides using Russian reconnaissance aircrafts without pilot which is not offensive like the American. Experts confirmed that Russians conducted reconnaissance air flights but they didn’t carry out strikes, which demonstrate that the regime engaged in tactical withdrawal war, accompanied by deploying the Russian tanks T29 in a defensive position around Basel Al-Assad airport in Latakia. These military indicators in addition to what has been repeated in western capitals of the possibility of keeping Assad as part of the solution process shows that the establishment of Alawite-Stan headed by Assad occupies great space in the horizon of the new variable in Syria.

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