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الأربعاء، 5 أغسطس 2015

Liberation of Sana'a by Psychological Warfare Not by Media War

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

At the time that Zikra Arassi thrown her shoe on Hamza Al-Houthi, and the expulsion of Houthi's delegation from the hotel, Gulf media stirred up the event in 18 June 2015 , so what the impact was on the military  scene in Yemen ? Nothing, but failure to manage a huge media machine in favour of the war effort of the coalition forces. The parallel explanation is that the legitimate owners didn’t find anything but a woman to take their right from an armless man instead of supporting Gulf air hawks, but Houthi destitution is a glory for them compared to what we have. That was the fragile media image. As far as Aden liberated, it is unavoidable to change what going on , where the opportunity now is favorable to deal with the war from another perspective . 
We suffer from the failure of " The art of choosing the enemy", in the knowledge of war, if it is difficult to choose the enemy, the foe before us must be restructured , presumably we shouldn’t wage a propaganda war to liberate the rest of Yemen , but Psychological Operations against Houthi/Saleh coalition to create the required psychological impact by over expanding their military abilities , showing them as aggressive , and bringing out their true regional orientation. And to take their operations' leadership to a high degree of paranoia as indomitable units occupied Yemen in two months. Then, we might form the enemy's features and led him to strongly believe that he possesses exaggerated capability, to bring him to ruin by lethal adventures. At that time, the regional and international sphere will accept the legitimacy to eliminate Houthi's capabilities that uncalculated within the balances of power in the region, and at that time  Sana'a which is weakened by wounds will be liberated. 
During the war of liberation of Kuwait in 1991, and two hours before sunset, six Humvee machines sneaked one of it carrying black speakers the size of a Hummer machine itself, approaching the occupied Kuwaiti farms of Wafra.For an hour the group of psychological warfare of the coalition addressing the Iraqi troops with voice messages were opened with words like "My brother hero Iraqi soldier" and varies between call for surrender , and the illegitimacy of occupation and threat of painful strikes after 24 hours . Black speakers has accompanied by distribution of millions of leaflets including the same contents which was leading to surrender of 40-60 Iraqi soldier every night as a result of the conviction that what they fight for was illegitimate.
Very Clearly

Speakers and leaflets were an early form of psychological warfare, in 1996 doctrine of shocking and panicking was born as a newborn of the desert storm psychological warfare lessons, and that Baghdad psychologically defeated  streets surrendered by fire flooding in 2003 , but the paradox was that the said doctrine did not work with the ISIS after a decade because each battlefield has its own psychological warfare. In my own estimation,the psychological warfare of the "Decisive Storm" must be promoted in liberation of Sana'a which is in need for especially well designed psychological warfare to win the hearts and minds of some Yemenis, and panicking others to influence their behavior and undermine it from within in order to reshape it.

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