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الأربعاء، 22 يوليو 2015

Cloudy Truce

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

The six-days truce in Yemen has collapsed before the beginning , one of the root reasons of the collapse was that the truce was cloudy , as stated in the virtuous Hadith of Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) , so the hearts of the foes cannot become pure . It was expected that Houthi/Saleh coalition will demand ceasefire to avoid a military collapse as was happened in the previous truce. The legitimate government accepted the truce for humanitarian reasons, however the observer of what is going on in Yemen recognizes that the crisis cannot resolved by an envoy or a conference or a truce. Zayani went early and the Gulf initiative failed because of the large quantity of Yemeni daggers, as if these daggers have a huge unquenchable thirst for violence. Then the international envoy Jamal Bin Omer strived to stop fighting in support of the UNSC resolution 2216, trying to create a truce for the transitional shift but he failed. Here is the current International Envoy Ismail Wild Sheikh Ahmed trying to freeze the fighting for humanitarian reasons. Although history of international relations abounds with more than an international envoy created himself a difficult figure in crisis, however that was not achieved, some have been accused of bias, or that he wore a loose role for absence of UNSC's support,but only of "concern" distributed by Ban Ki -Moon between the lines of his speeches without deterring the international and regional powers to intervene in the crisis for self-interest . We can say without fear that the meetings and the conferences inside and outside Yemen for the Yemeni issue exceeding the number of the conferences held for the Palestinian issue due to the obstinacy of the Zionists, met by the instant approvals from all parties in Sanaa to satisfy the media, and to their recognition that there will be no obligations caused by the outputs of the uproarious meetings.
Very Clearly
The anarchical tendency which has marked the Yemeni crisis had led to the death of 4000 people , and displaced 1.5 million people , and the same number facing starvation and lack of medicine , so what is the solution if the Yemeni crisis is not resolved by an envoy or a conference or a truce ?
Previously, we thought that those who answer this question are the owners of the theories of the decisive international relations, so we evade the question as if it wasn’t concerns us. But now due to simple logic calculations and until the Yemenis restore their political sense, and although we are not war advocates, but there are indicators can be read in favor of continuing the war to open the blockage of the diplomatic locked horizon.

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