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الأحد، 12 يوليو 2015

Arab Gulf in the US Defense 2015 Strategy

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi

When the Pentagon issued the US new defense strategy in 1/July/2015, methodology forced us to review the previous strategy 2011 with its pivots including austerity, force reduction in Europe, force enhancement in Asia, supremacy by Siberian war, and unmanned aircrafts, it was the only success for Obama. The strategy of "Strategic patience" lengthening failure with Iran, ISIS, and Al-Assad has failed to adapt to a fickle  geo-strategic  reality although its creators' claim that they care for Gulf security as preventing Iran from developing its nuclear capabilities and its policies undermining the stability, protect the Gulf from the challenges of Arab spring, and countering terrorism. 
2011 strategy raised titles included symbolism and suggestion as the enhancement and sustainability of US leadership to the World, as to 2015 strategy, what draws attention  about it is the plainness of the soldiery with their vocabulary to explain the regional and international context at "Obamic" forbearing military view. In the new strategy US confessed that it is no longer possesses absolute technological domination, non the technological superiority that ensures ISIS defeat, and it has told the truth. Peter Singer in his book "The third world war" mentioned that the enemy would be China, and the US air fighters will explode in air by its Chinese –made slices, and the Chinese hackers will penetrate the US intelligence systems and their army will occupy Hawaii. As to the failure of technology to defeat ISIS, was proved by the unresolved continuous air campaign. The new military strategy includes recommendations to counter Russia, Iran, N. Korea, and China in addition to the extremist organizations like ISIS. There is an obvious roundness in the American strategy for the next five years and assertion to the march of "transformation towards east", Gulf security is no longer linked to the US national security, Americans did not approach its boundaries , they only speak about Iran's nuclear program, and Teheran  sponsorship to the terrorism in Syria, Iraq , Yemen, and Lebanon. Pentagon believes that US army possesses a complete package of military solutions. 
Very Clearly 

Moscow replied that US defense strategy is "confrontational", and furious  Beijing advised Washington to abandon the cold war mentality . As to Gulf capitals where the largest concentration of human bewilderment, I didn’t find beside me of exclamation marks enough to use because of its stance of an strategy derived from values and incentives headed by the Gulf countries throughout a century. Our capitals preferred to pursue virtue of golden silence and have been burdened with intentions' sin; perhaps it has reached the bottom of despair from friend and the bottom of humiliation of rival!.

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Gulf seurity أمن الخليج العربي

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