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الأحد، 17 مايو 2015

The Popular Dimension to Support Decisive Storm

Dr. Zafer M. Alajmi
The Popular Dimension to Support Decisive Storm 
Date: 17/05/2015
Executive Director of Gulf Monitoring Group retired Air Force Colonel, Lecturer at Kuwait University. He writes for a number of Gulf Newspapers.

A week after my arrival to the Saudi area of "Abraq Al-Kibreet” on the Kuwaiti borders in Nov. 1991 , the members of the American second Marines Division whom I joined began to get used to my presence, but it  was not acceptable to them to receive messages and mail  without me receiving some . Then packages similar to what they receive started poured on me from men, women, students, and children, whom I do not know; Packages containing morale raising postcards. One of the American arms mates wrote, after he felt sorry for my loneliness, to the United Service Organization (USO) which is American non- profit organization that provides programs, services, and shows to entertain the American soldiers for more than a century wherever they are. I doubt that our men in operation "Decisive Storm" and "Restoring hope" receive morale support cards and messages and from Gulf people, I didn’t see except "Yam" tribe in Najran , who slaughtered camels and sheep , chanting national songs to cheer up soldiers on their way to the borders .
There is no doubt that our men share, love one another and support one another, despite differences in homelands to my deep confidence in the concept of arms mate, but I equally know the limitation of fighter support culture in our Gulf and the Arabic world, although the fact that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said (He has fought, who equipped a fighter for the sake of Allah , and he has fought, who looked after a family of a fighter for the sake of Allah) . If we exclude the directorates of moral guidance and public relations in our armies that are restricted by governmental routine, we do not find even one Gulf civil society organization concerned with supporting men in the fighting fronts. The veterans associations are honorary positions, the gulf women associations are aristocratic ,even regarding the issues they adopt ,the voluntary associations witness daily quarrels over positions , so who may raise the morale of our men in the front , who praises their struggle by written word or by distinguished media activity . Since the war of restoring legitimacy in Yemen has erupted, the Gulf media, which is mainly concerned with what is going on, repeats a single theme of short run occasion pattern, with total absence of attractive public relation campaign to mobilize the masses for the cause and to raise the morale of the fighters, instead the Gulf media hurried to maximize the roles of Pakistan and Malaysia, and thus contributed to maximizing the disappointment size, after the truth was revealed. But what do we expect from official channels that fail to start news bulletins without broadcasting the receptions and congratulatory cables? What do we expect from private channels that contact a political or military analyst for comment, who apologize for non-competence, then a stupid coordinator says to him: “You have two hours to educate yourself about the issue from the internet.”
 Without hesitation , the Yemen war is out of the dualism of rejection and acceptance in the gulf countries , as it is the key of our fate, and it is the talk in offices , it is the biggest concern of mothers and fathers about the future of the generations , but that strong acceptance does not exceed the threshold of the doors , I shocked by the  boldness of those who circulate that  the present war is unpopular because our press and TV channels has  no daily communication with the fighters at the war front , but only single report by Brigadier Al-Asiri , and with no interaction with the man in the street , only by trying to link it with the movements of shares , or by proving that by the participation of countries, , with few aircraft, not exceeding hand fingers.

Very clearly

Wars derive its popularity or unpopularity from its human and material costs; we did not suffer severe human casualties, and there no fear of passing the full costs of the war to the future generations, as it also derives its fairness from its goal to restore legitimacy in Yemen. So how did these realities which support the popularity of the war were absent, and substituted by stance of a parliament member who submitted a question on non-constitutionality of participation, thus paving the way for others, but our consolation despite the shortage of public relations campaign, that that the popular dimension may have an impact on the course of war operations, or may not. One of the constant facts is that Washington had won the Iraqi war, which was unpopular and was not supported internally or externally, and at the same time, Washington lost a war in Afghanistan, which received an overwhelming popularity in the USA and the rest of the world, as a war against terrorism.

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