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الجمعة، 25 أبريل 2008

Mohammed Sabah al-Salem: considering a partial cancellation of Iraq's outstanding debt.

When great European cities lay in ruins and national economies were devastated in the aftermath of World War II, the American Secretary of State George C. Marshall called on America on June 5, 1947 to do whatever it is able to do to assist Europe. The Marshall Plan was not just an American program. It was a joint European-American venture, one in which American resources were complemented with local resources, one in which the participants worked cooperatively toward the common goals of freedom and prosperity. During the program's four years, participating countries saw their aggregate gross national product rise more than 30 percent and industrial production increase by 40 percent over prewar levels.

An international conference on Iraq, was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, in May 2007, then a second was held in Istanbul, Turkey, in November of the same year, the third international meeting on Iraq, was held in Kuwait City on Tuesday 22nd ,2008.

Iraq called for increased help from neighbors in fighting militias and assistance in solving the issue of Iraqi debts. Unlike European countries after World War II ,the money well not help the national product rising nor the increase of industrial production in Iraq, instead it well end up at the corrupt politicians pockets from Nuri al-Maliki team or arm Almahdi militia in southern Iraq .

In 1990 Sadaam Hussein asked for debt forgiveness and when Kuwait said no , his army occupied and destroyed the country for seven months .

From Kuwait side Iraq shouldn’t expect any debt forgiveness , because ,Kuwaiti people still insists that Iraq pay compensation for damages from the 1991 Gulf War. It well be very difficult for Kuwait government to explain to its people the wisdom of not answering Sadamm's call then and forgiving Iraq now.

According to media sources Kuwaiti government is considering a partial cancellation of Iraq's outstanding debt , and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Sabah al-Salem pointed out that the final decision lies with the UN Security Council. And of course he meant after the approval of Kuwait National Assembly, and that’s near imposable. Cause Kuwaiti people might conceder the to reduction of the rate of compensation from five percent of the revenues of Iraqi oil to four or three percent but not debt forgiveness cause Iraq well never fail to produce another Sadamm .

Iraq harbors at least $67 billion in foreign debt and most of it owed to fellow Arab countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, the best for Iraq is to go shopping for debt forgiveness anywhere but Kuwait,Or ask for an American Marshall Plan cause America devastated Iraq not Kuwait .

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